About Us

GoodForYouHq.com is a health enthusiast blog created in 2016 that aims to educate readers on the good, the bad, and the ugly of what they are putting into their bodies from our personal perspective. While we are not health professionals and do not claim to be, we do our best to research and understand each and every item of discussion on our site and deliver to readers the information they need to make savvy purchases that are good for you.

Our website is founded and owned by Austin D., a veteran in the web industry and a fellow health aficionado. It was his plan to put together a resource that makes it easy for anyone to find out what they are putting into their bodies and whether or not they are worthy purchases. Like the work he has put into numerous sites before, it’s his passion that helps push our site forward.

The manager of day-to-day operations of GoodForYouHQ.com is David L., who himself has nearly ten years of experience in content management and web administration. David handles the task of content creation, web design, editor and technical support on a daily basis to ensure Good For Your HQ meets the standards of quality impressed upon by its founder.