Is Greek Yogurt Good For You?

Is Greek Yogurt good for you? With all the different types of yogurt on the market, it can be difficult to keep track of what is and isn’t healthy for you, which is why we’ve put together this page to help you understand the good, the bad, and the delicious of what you’re eating.

What is Greek Yogurt?

It should be common knowledge by now that yogurt is, in fact, curated bacterial growth. While that might sound a bit disgusting, it’s both a harmless and tasty snack that is enjoyed by many around the world. Greek Yogurt, however, is made slightly different from its more-common counterpart, but in this case a small change makes a big difference.

Greek yogurt is made when conventional yogurt is strained of its liquid whey, which creates a thicker product with a reported “tangier” taste to it. This is also referred to as strained yogurt, although Greek yogurt is the more common name used in North America. Because many people prefer Greek yogurt for its health properties, these are most often enjoyed in non-fat or low-fat varieties. While it can be found in stores, it’s also quite common for people to strain their own yogurt at home.

Is Greek Yogurt Good For You?

Because Greek yogurt strains out the whey, it has less sugar and carbohydrates per ounce than your normal batch of yogurt. Additionally, Greek yogurt is good for you because the more consolidated servings pack in much more protein per-scoop (two-to-three times more), which makes it a fantastic snack for the health conscious. For fitness fans, there are few snacks as portable and easily eaten on-the-go for that quick protein boost than Greek yogurt.

Greek yogurt is also a great substitute in meals, taking the place of sour cream or even mayonnaise to get a healthier option with a similar texture. As an added bonus, the Greek choice also typically contains roughly half the salt content of its brethren, and is easier to digest due to its reduced lactose count (from the stripping down of carbohydrates).

Another great benefit of Greek yogurt is that it contains probiotics, which are the type of helpful bacteria you want in your stomach to make it easier to break down food and counter-act any of the bad variants already roaming around in your body. Usually found at roughly 100-calories-per-serving, it’s a great light snack that packs plenty of healthy benefits. Is Greek Yogurt good for you? Absolutely, as long as you get the real stuff.

Which Greek Yogurt Should I Get?

While it’s true that Greek yogurt is good for you, that doesn’t mean anything with the name follows suit. Unfortunately, a lot of companies today label yogurts with the Greek name due to its rising popularity. Instead of straining the whey to make a thicker and healthier yogurt, these companies will often add ingredients to create a similar texture and flavor. They do this because the process of creating true Greek yogurt can be more expensive for mass production, and it’s cheaper for them to just mimic the product’s look and taste.

To make things easy (and healthy), I’ve put together two true Greek yogurt options that I love, and that your body will love too.

Turn Your Normal Yogurt into Greek Yogurt
By far the best way to get quality Greek yogurt cheaply is to simply make it yourself, which is why the Euro Cuisine GY50 Greek Yogurt Maker is my go-to recommendation for yogurt fans. The reality of Greek yogurt is that while it is healthier (and personally I think tastier), true products that aren’t imitations simply are more expensive and more difficult to get. By straining your own yogurt, you save yourself money in the long-run and make it much easier to get, since you need only buy plain or homemade yogurt from the store for you to convert later. I highly recommend trying your hand at making your own.

As a complement, you might find this handy cookbook from the talented Lauren Kelly a great way to get the most out of your Greek yogurt. If you’re only making Greek yogurt to eat it as it is, and are not using it as a substitute in various other meals, then you aren’t experiencing the true utility that Greek yogurt provides to your diet.

Greek Yogurt For Those That Can’t Wait
If you don’t want to go the make-it-yourself route (which I highly recommend), then Chobani Low Faw Plain Greek Yogurt is the way to go. In my experience, Chobani does a good job of keeping the fat low, while keeping the protein high, and their low-fat flavor is really quite delicious. Alternatively, Yoplait has a decent non-fat alternative, but I personally think the taste of low-fat is much better than non-fat and worth the minor health difference.

Ultimately, whether you decide to make your own, pick up the Chobani snacks, or find something from your local grocery that you like, you are sure to enjoy the switch to Greek yogurt if you haven’t already. Just be careful, though, that if you decide to buy in stores that you don’t get fooled by the numerous imitation Greek yogurts that have flooded the market. For that reason, I prefer to make my own at home or ordered specially online.

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